AED Comparison

Zoll AED Plus [Best] $2,795 7-year 5yr($207) 2yr ($117) N/A ($92) $3,002 $3,163
HeartSine Samaritan PAD 350P [Economical] $1,485 8-year 4yr ($228) 4yr ($270) N/A $1,713 $2,565
Cardiac Science G5 $2,064 8-year 2yr ($81) 2yr ($110) 4yr($460) $2,388 $2,504
Philips OnSite $1,399 8-year 2yr ($75) 2yr ($115) 4yr ($175) $1,699 $1,859
Defibtech Lifeline $1,370 8-year 2yr ($68) 2yr ($118) 4yr ($210) $1,642 $1,842

What is an AED?

Before you start comparing AEDs, it's helpful to understand what AED's are. An AED stands for automated external defibrillators. AED's are a device that can be used when an individual goes into cardiac arrest. An AED can detect abnormal heart rhythms such as ventricular fibrillation and use an electrical current to try and restore the heart to a normal rhythm. Following delivery of shock to the patient, some AED's will even coach you through CPR and then prompt you after several cycles of CPR to stand clear while it reanalyzes the heart rhythm.

In short, an AED is used to save lives when someone also needs CPR. The use of AED's have increased survival rates of people experiencing cardiac arrest significantly. National survival rates are 8% but when high quality CPR and an AED are used survival rates can increase to 60-80%. AED's are incredible devices that are well worth the investment to potentially save a life.

AED Program Management

Our AED Program Management helps you maintain 1 or 100 automated defibrillators and stay compliant with Federal and State laws. These laws vary, but typically include:

  • a prescription to purchase the device
  • a licensed doctor who oversees the program
  • a written order / program policy template of how to use and maintain the device
  • notification to local EMS of the placement of the device
  • notification of any significant changes in the laws or guidelines that affect your program
  • event review of any use of the AED and reporting of that information to proper authorities.

If you don't have an AED, make sure you compare AEDs before you buy. It's not a one-size-fits-all. They all have different features which meet different needs. Some AED's may cost less up front but more overtime and vice versa. Some AED's may be more user friendly for your location and some may have thoughtful customizations specific to your environment. We do our best to help you compare all AED's on the market and find the one that checks your boxes.