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Showing all 7 results

Cardiac Science G3 Defibrillator Spares & Accessories

The Cardiac Science G3 Defibrillator is one of Cardiac Science’s many AED products. It’s a popular defib device with features such as a STAR biphasic truncated exponential waveform, semi-automatic or automatic operations, 5 energy protocols, and more. It also has a pediatric capability and is programmable via MDLink. It is an AED ideal for use in public access areas such as schools and workplace environments.

Types of Cardiac Science G3 AED Accessories Available

Cardiac Science Electrode Pads

There are several Cardiac Science G3 accessories, such as the Cardiac Science G3 electrode pads. They are high-quality pads with a super-strong adhesive designed so that the electrodes are ready for immediate use.

Cardiac Science G3 Plus Pediatric Electrodes

Another electrode pad you can use for G3 AEDs is the Cardiac Science G3 Plus Pediatric Electrodes. This one is an electrode pad you can use even for children as young as 8 years old. They are super convenient to use, designed so you can place them anywhere on the chest.

Cardiac Science G3 Plus Lithium Battery

Another accessory you can get for G3 AEDs is the Cardiac Science G3 Plus Lithium Battery. With this replacement battery, you can continue to use the Cardiac Science G3 and G3 Plus AEDs when the original battery doesn’t work anymore.

Cardiac Science G3 Plus Wall Rack

The G3 Plus Wall Rack is ideal for all Powerheart AEDs, not only G3 and G5 models. With this wall rack, you can keep your defibrillators somewhere safe, secure, and convenient.

Cardiac Science G5 Defibrillator Accessories

The Cardiac Science G5 AED also has its own accessories you can use to replace parts of the AED and make it easier to access the device. Under Cardiac Science G5 AED accessories, the items available are the Powerheart G5 AED Trainer, G5 Intellisense Battery, and the Premium Carry Case for Powerheart G5 AEDs. You can also choose from two types of electrode pads, the G5 Adult Electrode Pads and Pediatric Intellisense Defibrillation Electrode Pads. Other accessories available are the G5 USB Cable and G5 Hard-sided Carry Case.