HeartSine 350P

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Showing all 5 results

Heartsine 350p Defibrillator Spares & Accessories

The Heartsine 350p Defibrillator is the most advanced, portable defibrillator on the market. It’s compact and lightweight so that it can be used by anyone in an emergency situation. This device has been clinically tested and verified to deliver high-quality CPR compressions with minimal interruptions during resuscitation efforts.

What Types of Accessories Are Available?

This device’s functions can be expanded with a variety of add-ons. The Heartsine 350p accessories allow you to easily customize this device to fit your specific needs. Meanwhile, the 350p spare parts ensure that the defibrillator is working when you need it.

HeartSine offers a number of options that will increase the defibrillator’s functionality and ease of use. We recommend using only genuine HeartSine defibrillator spares and accessories, as they are guaranteed to work with it. The Heartsine Samaritan Pad 350p replacement parts and accessories include a Heartsine 350p Electrode Pads, a Heartsine Soft Carry Case, a USB Data Cable, and a HeartSine Samaritan Adult Pad-Pak.

Heartsine 450p Defibrillator

The integrated CPR Rate Advisor on the HeartSine Samaritan PAD 450P uses the electrode pads to monitor and provide visual and vocal feedback on the rate of CPR administered. Real-time feedback is available on the HeartSine Samaritan 450P model — it not only gives you a metronome but also tells you when to push faster, slower, or resume chest compression.

Aside from the adult Pad-Pak, you also have the option to purchase the Heartsine Pediatric Pad-Pak, which is designed for children 1-8 years old, weighing less than 55 pounds or 25 kg.