Defibtech Lifeline AED

From: $1,245.00

  • Most popular with: Fire Departments and First Responders.
  • Clean, non intimidating, straightforward design.

AED Program Management (Included free for the first year. $179 value!)

The AED Management Program provides valuable guidance to help you be compliant with federal and state laws. The Program will enable you to effectively maintain one to 100 automated external defibrillators (AEDs) for your home, business or organization. Our AED program management services help you ensure that all your AEDs are ready for use during cardiac emergencies so you can save the lives of the people within your vicinity.

Bleeding Control Basic Kit by North American Rescue

Essential gear for all first responders, the bleed control kit has everything you need to treat wounds.



The Defibtech Lifeline AED is easily used by anyone, including non-medical personnel. ​​This AED is designed with large, bright buttons, and does not have an intimidating appearance. To be as user friendly as possible, this AED walks the user through each phase of the rescue by giving clear verbal and visual directions. The price of the Defibtech Lifeline is one of the lowest in the market for people looking to spend less money upfront. 

Technology & Features

The AED is low maintenance and performs daily self tests to ensure its functionality and indicates it is in working order with an indication light. 

The design of the Defibtech Lifeline is clean, lightweight, and yet rugged and durable. The AED is protected by rubberized edges that meet military grade standards, and has no lid or case to fumble with in an emergency. This makes the AED a great choice for those traveling with an AED or for public locations where the AED needs to be accessed quickly.

When turned on the AED will guide the user through application of pads to read the victim’s heart rhythm and then will shock if necessary. Next, the AED will give guidance on performing CPR alongside a metronome to set the optimal pace of CPR compressions.

Who can use the Defibtech Lifeline AED?

The Defibitech Lifeline AED can be used by anyone, but it is recommended that users have CPR & AED training. However, no training is required to use this device. 

Where can I get a spare battery for the Defibtech Lifeline AED?

The Defibtech Lifeline requires only one Defibtech Lifeline battery. This battery lasts up to five years. It also has a unique design where the battery has two batteries in the battery pack- one is used to perform the daily self checks while the main battery compartment is reserved only in the event the AED is powered on. This ensures your AED will always have enough to power to perform the necessary shocks. Because AED’s only run on batteries, it is imperative to have a spare on hand.  You can purchase spare Defibtech Lifeline batteries on our site. 

Are spare pads for the Defibtech Lifeline AED available?

You can purchase Defibtech Lifeline AED pads for adults and pediatric victims. Replacement Defibtech Lifeline Adult Pads and replacement Defibtech Lifeline Pediatric Pads are available on our site. 

What does this AED come with?

The AED package includes:

  • Defibtech Lifeline fully-automatic AED
  • Defibtech Lifeline battery
  • Defibtech Lifeline pads for Adults
  • Software
  • Data Card
  • Defibtech Lifeline manual

What else do I need to use this AED?

All AED’s require a prescription to have the device. You also will need to keep records of proper maintenance.

At the AED Source, all of our AED’s come with a free one year AED Program Management Software. ( A $179 value) The Program Management Software ensures you are compliant with all local laws and have a prescription for the AED if needed in your location. The software also reminds you when maintenance and helps keep proper records of your AED maintenance.

Our AED Program Management helps you maintain 1 or 100 automated defibrillators and stay compliant with Federal and State laws. These laws vary, but typically include:

  • a prescription to purchase the device
  • a licensed doctor who oversees the program
  • a written order / program policy template of how to use and maintain the device
  • notification to local EMS of the placement of the device
  • notification of any significant changes in the laws or guidelines that affect your program
  • event review of any use of the AED and reporting of that information to proper authorities.


​​With the Defibtech Lifeline AED, saving a life can be as simple as turning on the unit and letting the Lifeline take care of the rest. If the unit detects that a shock is required, it will shock the patient automatically. The unit’s bright yellow color makes it easy to spot and deploy, and its large, bright buttons make it simple to use. The Defibtech Lifeline AED price is fairly reasonable considering its many features and ease of use.